5 Jan 2019

Career Opportunities in Information Technology in India

The technology and information sector is an arena, wherein brainy and logical mind rules. These are the ones who dominate in the silicon valley of the USA. Certainly, this is where more than a quarter of the $3.8 trillion global IT market is. Besides, the eCommerce sales in this developed country reached almost $341 billion in 2015.

Not only does the dimension of IT cover software, but it also includes diverse analysts, such as business analyst, system analyst, software analyst, tester, networking engineer, digital marketer and IT consultant. It explicitly conveys that this field has ‘n’ number of opportunities for the related aspirants. The gen-next is likely to see the world wherein devices will carry out every task. Even today, we have smart devices, like Home, Siri and Duplex. The list is long if you talk about these devices. Consistently, it is going long. These devices might not be evolved unless their inventors would have possessed IT knowledge.

If you search for the hottest profile, information technology profiles have the lion’s share. Even, the latest sarkari naukri in almost every government sector require a technical expert. For example, an entry level inexperienced data analyst receives an annual salary somewhere around INR 243/hour. On the flip side, the veteran analyst receives INR 3, 66, 865 per year on an average. Simply put, these are one of the most reputed and highest pay-scale job profiles.

Let’s go through the rundown of the career opportunities in the information technology in India.

  1. Software & Mobile Application Engineer
  • Qualification: These are a few professional degree courses that the career oriented candidates prefer to possess. But, it is not mandatory that the IT career is a legacy of these engineers. The aspirants, who qualified the software development certification course, can apply to this profile.
  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Software Design & Development
  • Application Design and Development

  1. Technical skills requirement:
  1. Opportunities: Being the most sought after profile, the IT & Communication Technology sector (ICT) accounts for 5.9% of India’s GDP and export earnings in 2009. This is why more than 3 million of graduates got recruited in this field at that time. This field has many prospects to climb up. They come through diverse positions. The Software magnets, such as IBM, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Amazon, Trigent, Experion Technologies and many other companies, in Bangalore, Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Pune, Hyderabad and Mumbai pay you as per your experience.
Catch a glimpse of the given hierarchical structure of jobs that come your way through promotions and experience.

  • Pay scale: INR 415, 450 per year on an average (extracted from payscale)
Systems Analyst: A system analyst is the one who thinks out of the box to find effective e-solutions for scalability and business promotions. He should be well versed with the nuts and bolts of programming languages, operating systems and hardware.  This profile requires a vibrant personality who can interact with vendors and other IT professionals to analyse cost and other vital aspects.
  • Qualification: The aspirants should have an ideal background in these degree courses. Besides, the management expert and diploma holders can also try their luck in this field.

  • Technical Skills: A technically strong IT expert goes sky-high in his career. If one hasn’t obtained aforementioned degrees, he can become a certified programmer in these languages. Apart from that, master the art of soft skills to go a long way.

  • Opportunities: India has many domestic and multinational companies, like Cognizant, Fidelity Investments, Accenture, Boeing, Visa, TCS, Atos, Sonata Software, UST Global, Infosys and Tech Mahindra. These are tech tycoons that delve into business transformation. Basically, the cities, such as Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata, are the IT hubs where the system analysts can take up the role of observing, scanning and fixing technical errors for business promotions.

  • Pay scale: INR 849,546 per year on an average
  1. Software Tester: This role is crucial if you work with the software and technology services providing company. Even, many digital marketing companies look for these testers to scan the existing websites and administering the web issues. After all, the internet marketing and web presence are interwoven.
In all, this profile is responsible for quality assessment and corrections of the website. He prepares macros and scripts to run a check. Subsequently, all fixes are aligned to assure quality.
  • Qualification: Like other related profiles, the aspirant should be well versed with IT engineering, languages, computer applications and quantitative backgrounds. These degrees are the most sought after for this profile. But, you can procure certifications in these courses.

  • Technical Qualification: As given in the image, you can easily communicate with the technical requirements that a tester should have.

  • Opportunities: India has TCS, HCL, Accenture, Cognizant, Wipro, Infosys, Capegemini  and IBM companies. The candidates aspiring for being a tester can explore opportunities in the software and application development companies in Bangalore, Gurugram, Noida, Pune, New Delhi and Chennai. 
With experience and advanced knowledge, you can easily come up the hierarchy of the top profiles of this profile.

  • Pay scale: INR 330, 857 per years (Quora)
  1. Technical Consultant & Support: This profile is the most significant one, which is accountable for a technical makeover of the company. The shifting of typically man-dominating workplace to enhanced IT infrastructure is on. So, there is a big role for a technical consultant to play in. If you really possess extraordinary sales ability and technical knowledge, you can fit this suit of IT profession. Besides, brush up your soft skills to confidently take to its stage.
  • Qualification: This is the service that the entire globe wants to. The companies that have been migrated or are thinking to migrate to the digital platform, this is a clear opportunity for these  degree holders:

  • Technical Skills: With technical skills, the qualification wins an edge. You stay ahead of the curve. Just focus on acquiring these technical skills to reach myriads of opportunities in the networking world. From system repair to cloud management including SaaS, PaaS and many more, you can dive into the pool of this niche.

  • Opportunities: The top of the success ladder is all yours if you know how to provide tailored support onsite and remotely. The giants of the technology world, such as Cisco, TCS, Microsoft and Booz Allen Hamilton, are always ready to absorb the best of talents in the field of networking, support and network security.

  • Pay scale: INR 681, 485 per year on an average (Pay Scale)

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